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Let's Talk anime...

Anime is a kind of Cartoon, but it's from Japan...

Ash with his friends
from Pokemon

Anime comes from Japan. Anime comes from the word animate. The first anime show in history is called Astro Boy. Every since Astro Boy, more anime cartoons have been popping up since 1963 like...
Kimba the white lion (1966)
Speed Racer (1967)
and Star Blazers (1979). Most anime shows came in the 1990's. One of the most popular anime shows (My favorite) Is Sailor moon.
Another Anime series in the 1990's is the famous Dragon Ball Z. Recent anime shows like Pokemon (which started in 1998) is very popular and probably will NEVER get cancelled.

Anime is popular, but however, so is Manga...

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My favorite anime charater of all time...
Sailor Jupiter